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PCP_13 - Go Younha

Younha (고윤하; 高允河; Go Yoon-ha, ユンナ, Yunna), is a K-Pop and J-Pop South Korean singer. Nicknamed the "Oricon comet" for her success in Japan.
She is a skillful singer and pianist, she sings and plays piano at the same time. Her songs are energetic, logical and inspiring.
I like her japanese and korean songs equally.

Links (add your Younha - related link here, mail me or place it in comments):

Younha Official Website in Korea (Korean language)
Younha Official Website in Japan (Japanese language)
Younha's French Fansite (French language)
KpopTV Younha(music clips) (Japanese language)

Younha wallpapers 240x320 animated gifs:

240x320 animated gif Younha cell phone wallpaper

240x320 animated gif wallpaper 고윤하

240x320 animated gif wallpaper 高允河

240x320 animated gif wallpaper ユンナ


Deepak said...

Luks really cool buddy!!!

Rei said...

awesome pics ^-^ hope u update soon

Anonymous said...

oh ma gosh Younha is so pretty.. love the graphics. :D <333 younha ftw!!